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Russ Tilleman
President and Chief Executive Officer
Russ has more than 20 years of experience in EDA and Digital System Design. Prior to founding Tau in 1996, Russ was Chief Scientist at Zycad, where he was responsible for design of the LightSpeed simulation processor. As a Senior Scientist at Everex in 1990, he managed the development of the first 24-bit-per-pixel true-color VGA, and as a Software Engineer at Valid Logic Systems in 1983, he managed the enhancement of the Logic Simulator which boosted performance, improved modeling accuracy, and added interactive graphical debugging facilities.
Don Van Dyke
Vice President of Engineering
Don has extensive experience in Compiler Development, Computer Architecture, and Engineering Management. Prior to joining Tau, Don was OS manager at Intel, where he led a team defining advanced HW architectures and OS features. Before Intel, Don was Software Director at ATI Research. As Architecture manager at Sun Microsystems in 1995, Don managed groups of architects developing advanced Sparc processors. At Cray Research in 1990, he led the development of a highly advanced optimizing compiler. Don holds more than 15 patents in computer architecture and compiler optimization.
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